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* DC Virtual attendance INCLUDES you and up to 4 guest team members or colleagues.
* Student Virtual attendance for single live streaming access only.

Frequently Asked Questions
How can I attend Mile High in person?
Due to the governor of Colorado restricting the size of public meetings, the in-person seating for Mile High has been severely curtailed. In fact, currently in-person registration is sold out. If the government directives are loosened, or if enough people who registered in-person switch to the virtual program, in-person registration will re-open, and your virtual registration could become live if you choose.
To whom can I give my four virtual tickets?
You can gift them to whomever you’d like. Probably your best choice is to have your team members or other chiropractors you know attend the event. You’ll receive a link soon, prior to the event and your four friends will receive the streaming link, so they can to watch virtually, too.
How will I receive the recordings?
Since you purchased virtual seats, you will receive the live recordings about 30 days after the event. Your four friends, to whom you gifted the streaming, will not receive the live recording. You re receiving the recordings as an added bonus to thank you for your purchase!
How can I get CE units when I watch virtually?
Unfortunately, it’s not possible to grant the CE units for virtual attendance. Only those who are attending live can receive the credits.
I’d love to go to the Dr. Donny Bonus Day. How do I get into that virtually?
You have to attend that event in-person, because there will be a ton of individual participation that requires your physical presence. If you are unable to attend the Mile High event in-person, you can still register for the virtual event, register for the Dr. Donny event, travel to Denver, watch Mile High virtually and then attend Dr. Donny’s event in person!

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